Winter in Leavenworth


Leavenworth is a small village surrounded by the cascade mountains range of Washington State. Leavenworth is called as the German town as it closely resembles Bavarian themed village. I have personally not visited Germany but can connect to the European style architecture of the hotels, homes, shopping sites and restaurants in Leavenworth.


Leavenworth is part of the North Cascades Scenic Loop, one of the most scenic drives. US Highway 2 is the main route to Leavenworth, both from the west through Stevens Pass and the Wenatchee National Forest, and from the east via the Columbia Gorge and Wenatchee.


I have visited Leavenworth many times during summer for a 1 day visit and one of our favorite stopping points to enjoy some good food and coffee on our way to Lake Chelan and other destinations. We have never explored the town during winter time and especially during the holiday seasons.  I have heard about the Christmas lighting in Leavenworth and wanted to personally experience the colorful lights along with some fun winter activities.


Leavenworth does have some winter sports and recreation activities for all ages. Since we did not have much experience in skiing, we wanted to try the snow tubing activity as a family. The village provides easy access to alpine ski and snowboard resorts, both trail and back-country Nordic skiing and other winter activities. The average winter day time temperatures  was slightly higher this year and it was equally snowing that day. Please be prepared to dress in several layers, snow boots and take your hand gloves, scarves and hats.


The Christmas Lighting Festival in Leavenworth is very popular and  draws huge crowd during Christmas and New Year times. Since the entire village was covered with snow, you will find small children do their mini skiing activities inside the city itself.  We missed the Christmas parade and this is supposed to be an awesome sight for the people visiting Leavenworth every year.


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