I’m basically from Pondicherry, one of the Indian Union Territories once ruled by the French. It’s a beautiful place to visit and has some very nice colonial buildings, French style avenues andbeaches. If you want to know more about Pondicherry, visit here:

Seattle is my second home and the love for the place for its nature & scenic beauty continues. I have gotten used to the weather and adapted to the climatic changes quite well. As many people might complain about the weather in Seattle, I’m not missing the fun & the adventures especially with several friends that I have earned in the last several years.

I always loved and wished to travel as many places that I can see in this world but didn’t have much opportunity nor time during those early days of my career due to different priorities. My first job opened the door for my first business trip to the United States and continued from there on. I have always captured several photos and used to organize/store them online or post in social media with mini notes. We travelled to several places in the US and we made it a point to do atleast once a year. It’s kind of a family rule :-). I normally start the vacation planning very early on and Mani has always been very supportive of the vacations plans that I have organized for the family.

The passion for writing travel blogs started on our 10th anniversary year. Lots of ideas popped up during that year of capturing all of our travel & other memories into a book. The book thing needs a lot of commitment and I was not ready at that time. I was on an official trip to Shanghai during that time and happened to cover one of the day blog writing for my colleague Janice. This triggered me further to pursue my passion towards blog writing.

Europe trip coverage was my first attempt to write a complete travel blog. It started from there and have been enjoying capturing every bit of the travel adventures that we’ve been so far. I had been thinking for a long time to create my own website and just didn’t find the right time to get it done. Originally I was leaning towards more of a travel blog site but went down the path of adding other interest areas that I have been maintaining in other websites. It becomes centralized and easy to maintain from my end as well.

Hiking is an interest that we developed as a family and been enjoying it. Group hikes are always fun and I have enjoyed every hike with friends, family & relatives in & around Seattle area.I feel extremely happy when my blog has helped someone with their travel planning. My travel wish list is growing longer and definitely want to see the entire world during my lifetime.

Feedback is a gift and when you receive those valuable feedback from your loved ones, friends and colleagues it motivates you more and will enhance creativity at its best. Thanks to all my family members & friends who have always been there & supported me on this blog journey.

Please feel free to comment on the blog and share your thoughts. Let me know if any of the blog sections have helped you & your family for travel planning. The pictures & blog content are copyrighted but you can share them and add a link to this blog.


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