Wildlife in Denali Park – By Arvind & Sooraj

Moose up close on our way inside Denali
Moose up close on our way inside Denali

Hi! Today Sooraj and I (Arvind) are going to write about watching Wild Life in Denali National Park!

Today we are at Denali. We stayed in a vacation rental home at Denali that was located right inside the forest. We have never stayed in such a place so deep inside the wilderness area. They spotted a bear 3 days before we arrived to this place. Hopefully we’ll get some bear visitors during our stay:-). We had to start from our house at 7:00 in the morning but we reached home at 11:45 in the night. So not much sleep 🙁 We went to the Bus Stop at 7:20. The bus left at 7:30. We didn’t see animals for a while…

The first animal we saw was a bear off in the distance. It looked like a black bear. Then we started moving and pretty soon we ran into another bear this time a little closer.


It was on one of the many mountains we drove past. After a few minutes we kept moving on. It took a while until went to a side of a mountain and saw a mother bear and two cubs scaling the mountain.

It took a while until we saw a moose in the plains eating grass. Then we saw a caribou in a different part of the plains eating grass as well. (I wonder if maybe grass contains cheese? I like cheese:-) After some time we all got hungry so we ate some bars. Then we continued on and saw a bear in the mountains, man it was fat!


Then we had a huge 30min break. We took a lunch break there because it was the only big break we got. After we ate lunch we started going back on a different road. Then we saw a moose cross our bus! It was so close. My dad took a picture of it jumping in midair! After a few minutes we saw a bear up close! It was scratching himself it was hilarious to watch. 🙂 After some time passed we saw a red fox relaxing in the shade beneath a tree. It was near the road so we got some good pictures:-)


A little time passed and some of us fell asleep. A little later everybody woke up and made a lot of noise. When tried to see what was the problem. It seemed that they spotted another caribou and moose eating grass I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t the same ones we saw at the beginning.

We finally got back to the bus station. Arvind and his grandma bought a souvenir from the bus stop. We all watched a movie, drank coffee and hot cocoa. Then we went back to our car and came back home. We are gonna eat our cultural food (Dosa, Pongal & Sambar) soon. I don’t think anyone would have made Dosa & sambar inside a forest :-).

See you tomorrow!

Exploring Denali @ midnight - look at the brightness
Exploring Denali @ midnight – look at the brightness

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