Visit to the Exit Glacier


You can visit Seward by car or train. It’s a beautiful scenic drive and takes approximately 2.5 hours from Anchorage. We started like 9.30 AM from Anchorage and reached Exit Glacier by noon. Just like yesterday, we prepared the lunch for today as well and had a very good lunch before our hike to the glacier. You don’t have many shops in this area for dining and it’s good to take u’r own food to these places.


Exit Glacier is the only part of the park accessible by road. You have plenty of options in this park to do the trails, hike/walk to an active glacier. This place is so beautiful to witness the glaciers so close and learn how plant life reclaims the barren rocky land exposed by a glacier’s retreat. It’s a 3.8 mile hike with a mix of flat & rugged pathways. There are several short trails that takes you to many different views of Exit glacier. A panoramic vista of Exit Glacier can be seen by following the accessible trail that’s very close to the Nature Center


We went up to the Edge of the Glacier and this trail is very well maintained. The trail is moderately strenuous but definitely worth going upto the Edge of the glacier where you’ll get to see the wall of blue nice and shows you the spectacular close up view of the Exit Glacier.

We watched some of the folks go upto the Toe of the Glacier and we wanted to give that a shot. We took the wrong route and had to turn back to the Edge of the Glacier. We came to know that you’ll need to cross the rocky outwash plain which is a different trail and takes like 8 mile round trip.

Overall a beautiful hike and best part was the entire family completed the hike that included kids & parents.

Came back home around 6.30 – Gayathri & I prepared a quick south Indian feast of Sambhar, rasam and Cabbage curry for the family.

Other places to Visit in Seward that we didn’t go was the Idiaride (Dog Sled tours) and Alaska sea life center. Our group was not that keen in going to the sea life center and picked the hike to Exit Glacier instead. Kenai Jfords national Park Cruise is also another popular one but since we did the Whittier Cruise, we skipped this one. If you are planning to stay 2 nights in Seward, you can try out these place.

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