Tulip Festival


This is one of the most colorful festivals that happens every year in the month of April in Washington.  The Tulip festival is open to the visitors for the whole month of April and there will be millions of Tulips across many fields in the Skagit County area. April is a colorful month in many parts of the northwest as we enter into Spring season and you get to experience some of the outdoor activities with sunlight starting to show up now and then :-).


There are many fields you can wander through in the valley out of which there are 2 popular gardens where you will see many visitors: Tulip Town and Rozengarde gardens.These 2 gardens are my favorites as well and is owned by local town with entry tickets to these gardens.

Beautiful Purple Tulip
Beautiful Purple Tulip

Rozengarde has multiple varieties of tulips and daffodil flowers in their display gardens and they have a vast tulip field. Both the gardens have an indoor flower show and outdoor garden and field. Tulip Town offer horse carriage rides in their garden giving visitors a different experience to see the displays. You can buy flowers at both places and there are also services such as restaurants, shopping and souvenir stalls.


The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival usually kicks off from April 1-30 with a typical bloom around the first week of April. However, a warm winter and early spring will trigger the tulips’ growth ahead of schedule. The tulips bloomed early since last two years with a mid March bloom. It is recommended to visit the website of Skagit Valley’s bloom map before your visit.


For more information about the town and variety of events,  please take a look at the link below:-

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival


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