Los Cabos Mexico Adventures

I love December month not just because of the Holiday season but a month to reflect all of our experiences for that whole year. This is our second straight year to plan a trip in December month especially when we started to become conscious to take a break from the rain/snow after living in Seattle for many years :-). We have been thinking to go to Mexico for a very long time but wanted to do as a group event.

It all happened during one of the Navrathiri Golu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golu) function at my friends Deepa’s place. We came to know that 2 of my friends were thinking about Mexico and boom my trip planning started right there :-)).

In this trip, we are travelling with Karthik & Gayathri’s family along with their kids Sooraj & Jay. We have done lot of road-side trips together within Washington, Oregon & Montana and have had wonderful time. This is our first trip outside northwest and really looking forward to a great time !!

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