Trip to the Maui Island

Year 2011 has been a very good year for travel. We have decided to finish this year off on a trip to Hawaii. We have our friends Padma, Madhavan and their daughter Dhishita joining us on our travel.
This is the first trip for Padma & Dhishita within the United States. I’m sure they are going to have a great time with us and many memories to remember & share.

There are several islands in Hawaii and after all the research, we shortlisted Maui Island for the December Trip. As always all the trip & planning were done by the women and the men were aware only about the island name and the date of our trip :-).

I did get very good information about the Maui island from my colleagues at work place & other friends. I could see pretty much consistent information across all of the people who provided me the details. I could also see visually Maui when each of my colleagues & friends shared their experiences :-). Thank you Ranga, Vrushali, Ganga & Samantha for all the wonderful resources/information about Maui.

We are going to try some activities that we had never tried before in our lives. Snorkel is one of the activity that many suggested. Except Madhavan, none of us know swimming. Arvind had taken few swim lessons in Pro club but he’s still a beginner.

Looking forward to the trip and super excited to try various activities. This is my second blog and am really thrilled & anxious to cover our trip details. Hope you all will like it.

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