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Puerto Rico is one the top tourist Caribbean destination that brings in travelers across the world to this beautiful island. I’m sharing my thoughts and tips based on my experiences right from trip planning to the types of attractions that I explored in Puerto Rico. These are my personal views and don’t want the readers to be fully influenced by this :-). Feel free to do your homework.


Number of days to spend in Puerto Rico
It depends on your interest level and what you would like to do in the island. Puerto Rico has several options to offer :- Beach, Forest, Outdoor adventure tours, Old Town, Downtown. If you love water activities, Puerto Rico has many attractions similar to Hawaii or any other Caribbean spot. Snorkeling, Water Taxi, Scuba diving, Jet ski, Kayaking, Bio bay adventures are all available in several parts of Puerto Rico.

Hacienda Campo Rico farmland
Hacienda Campo Rico farmland

My recommendations
1. 5 Day Trip (If you have enough time, this would be the best option and gives you some time to relax and not rush)

  • Day 1: Visit Old San Juan town
  • Day 2: El Yunque rainforest/Luquillo beach/ combine evening city walk (Condado area)
  • Day 3: Culebra Island – You can save time doing your Snorkeling,Kayaking in this island
  • Day 4: Half day Rest and combine any Adventure tours (Biobay/Kayak)
  • Day 5: Cave Tours/Old San Juan in the evening
  • Optional: Arecibo Observatory, Ponce town (2 hour from San Juan)

    Culebra and Old San Juan town was our favorites. The adventure tours is totally dependent on how many of these tours you wanted to do and every tour is a paid one. It can range anywhere between 75$ – 90$ based on the kind of activity you choose.

    2. 4 Day Trip (You can still cover the island and choose what you would like to do based on your family interests)

  • Day 1: Visit Old San Juan town
  • Day 2: Culebra Island
  • Day 3: El Yunque rainforest/Luquillo beach
  • Day 4: Condado Beach/City walk – If you are an adventure person and like to see Window Caves, you can skip this and visit that place
  • Optional: Arecibo Observatory, Cave Tours,Ponce town (2 hour from San Juan)

    Old San Juan
    Old San Juan

    Best Attractions
    You can find more information about these attractions in separate blog posts. Please click the link below to know more :
    1. Old San Juan
    2. Culebra Island – Flamenco beach
    3. Window Cave
    4.Bio bay tours – Lots of great reviews about this tour where you’ll be doing a night tour to see the beautiful colors. It is said not to miss this attraction.
    5. Condado and Luquillo beaches
    6. Campo Rico Horse back riding tour – Well organized tour by Hacienda group and we had a great first experience riding a horse. It’s a 2 hour drive tour taking you through the beautiful green fields, mountain tops etc.

    CampoRico Adventure Tours - Horseback riding experience
    CampoRico Adventure Tours – Horseback riding experience

    Other Attractions
    1. Vieques Island – Another island like Culebra which is less crowded but read the security reviews before visiting the island in terms of the places that you can go/not-go.
    2. Arecibo Observatory tower – World’s largest radio telescope that you can see in this place. It’s a very tough drive in terms of the altitude, GPS doesn’t give you correct directions. Be prepared to get the local maps.
    3. Rio camuey River park – Underground cave park tour. If you have visited caverns in other places, you can probably skip this and visit Window Cave instead. Window Cave is more beautiful and adventurous.
    4.El Yunque Rainforest – Good spot but very crowded. La Mina falls is so crowded that you’ll not have the quite time to enjoy the beauty of the falls.


    Best Time to Visit Puerto Rico
    I used this site as a reference for best travel season to Puerto Rico.You’ll get an idea of approximate price range for your hotel stay based on the travel season time.


    It’s good to rent a car for some portions of your trip especially if visiting Rainforest, Caves or Culebra. To access the Culebra ferry, you’ll need to travel Fajardo and it’s one hour from airport. Taxi charges are cheap but not economical if you plan to visit all these places.

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