Mexico City Choice – Which place do I select ?

This is always the hardest part to make a decision on the city. I’m sure many of you would have gone through this choice selection just like us :-). Cancun, Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta ? – Which one should we select ?. It took almost 2 weeks for us to land on a decision. All 3 cities are beautiful and got some consistent answers from friends, websites that we should at least visit once to all 3 places.

We decided to take Los Cabos this time and sharing some of the information that we received from friends & some useful resources available on the internet.

Cancun: Beautiful beaches and heard you can see some crystal clear especially the turquoise beaches. Cancun has prettier water, a spring break atmosphere and the place is very commercial and mostly crowded due to the tourist attractions. Very Expensive when compared to the other too.

Los Cabos: Beautiful desert landscape and if you need really good relaxation & rest, Cabo is your place to go. Most of the Cabo resorts are on the oceanfront but the water is usually rougher so you’re less likely to find the kind of water that is safe for swimming.

Puerto Vallarta: A very Quiet place and not much developed when compared to the above 2 places. It’s the most lush of the 3, surrounded by mountain and jungle, with quaint shops, cobbled streets, street vendors, When it comes to price, this is much economical when compared to the other 2 places.

And finally, in terms of activities, you can pretty much do all your typical “tropical” destination activities like jet skiing, snorkeling, horseback riding, etc. in all 3 cities.

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