Los Cabos Arrival Day

The flight journey was very comfortable and I didn’t feel tired with a stopover in San Diego. We had the Gray Line Shuttle booked via Expedia who were prompt waiting for us at the airport. They had given us all the directions & guidelines before our travel on how to locate them at the airport. One thing that u’ll need to be careful at the Mexico airport is there will be many agencies waiting to sell activities and timeshare related discussions. Be very careful to not engage in those conversations in terms of your own security & not being ripped off.

We arrived Royal Solaris Resort in the evening and the ambience of the hotel was very welcoming. The exterior of the hotel is really beautiful and the rooms are average. I would rate them a 3 out of 5. They have ocean views and ocean front rooms. The concierge services at the hotel was very good and they have their own way of selling activities to the visitors

The Hotel has themes every day and an evening show is hosted inside the hotel. On our arrival day, they had the Caribbean Party Theme and we received free tickets to this show as part of the timeshare commitment presentation to attend in the coming days for an hour. We had the timeshare experience in Hawaii, so decided to take that complimentary tickets plus we had Mani with us and there’s no way to convince Mani by the Timeshare group:-). Along with the Caribbean party, they also offered us a 50 min beach view massage.

Caribbean Party - Dance show
Caribbean Party Dance show

The Caribbean party was near the pool with some very good music, fire show’s and dance moves. The food was average with a buffet style. The options for vegetarian entrees were kind of minimal substituted by desserts & fruits. As our family eat meat, we were able to find some entrees but getting used to the taste will take some time.

Family Dinner during the Caribbean party
Family Dinner during the Caribbean party

Overall finished the evening with Mexican food and went to bed early. Going to bed at 8.30 PM was something that I have not done in the last few years and made me feel really good.

Another great thing to add is I have not checked my work emails today since my last browsing at the San Diego airport.

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