Last day in Anchorage

Today is our last day in Alaska and we reserved some time in Anchorage for shopping and other simple activities. Reindeer farm is like an hour drive from Anchorage and all of us wanted to get a closer look and personal interaction with the reindeers. Just like the kids, the adults and seniors were interested as well to do this activity.



The farm has around 150 Reindeer, 35 elks, few horses and a Moose. The experience inside the farm was fantastic as you get a closer encounter with the reindeers. Each of the visitor get a cup of food to feed the deers and once you enter the field, they approach you so closely to eat the food. They are very friendly and was nice to feed them. Arvind had great fun feeding the deers and was also trying to feed the baby deers and protected the food from the bigger deers. It was funny to watch him hold the cup up in the air and saying no to the bigger deers and kept feeding the babies


After spending close to an hour in the farm, it was time to go to the Earthquake park. This park was a historic attention and very close to the airport. The Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964 was the second strongest ever recorded, with a Richter rating of 9.2. This is an area where you can see the results of the massive slippage of the planet’s crust. It’s a very short walk and would not take more than 15 mins time overall.

In the last 10 days, we have not done much shopping and wanted to reserve some time to buy some souvenirs before we depart Anchorage. As we had a red eye flight, there was plenty of time left to finish shopping & dinner. We took a stroll in the downtown area of Anchorage and spotted a big souvenir shop and spent close to an hour there.

Beautiful flower hangers in the downtown area

Arvind was so particular to taste the Sag Paneer and has been saying since morning to go back to the Nepali restaurant. The restaurant folks were surprised to see us for the third time at their place and the waitress also asked “Do you live here in Anchorage? :-)”. Arvind got to taste his Sag Paneer for the third time and even tried to ask for the recipe 🙂 – No luck in getting the recipe

He has already asked me to try this at home and got to learn this recipe 🙂

Overall a great vacation with our friends Gayathri & Karthik family and a very memorable experience for all of us. The best part of my trip was the Matanuska Glacier Hike and the Mt.McKinley glacier landing – no words to explain and will stay in my heart for many years. We could not see the Aurora Borealis lights which happens mostly during February – March timeframe. I would probably visit Fairbanks just to see this and go down the arctic circle in future.

Alaska is definitely a must see place and would recommend everyone to visit at least once in their life time. I enjoyed covering this blog along with my young writers Arvind & Sooraj in this trip. Hope you all liked it and catch you soon on my next vacation blog.

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