Kootenay National Park

Marble Canyon Views
Marble Canyon Views

There are many hot springs available within Banff & Jasper areas. As we had planned our trip via Kootenay national park, we decided to stay in Radium Hot Springs. Radium Hot Springs is located in British Columbia’s Kootenay National park and is supposed to be one of the famous attractions. The location itself is one of the best mountain getaway village surrounded by beautiful scenery. There are plenty of accommodations around this area ranging from motels to resorts. The Radium Hot springs resort is supposed to be one of the prime resorts in this area offering golf tours and free shuttle to the hot springs.

This pool is one of the biggest hot springs pool and offers something for everyone. There is also a cooler swimming pool available in Radium hot springs. The mineral water here is odorless and very clear making the hot springs a perfect place for a relaxing soak. The facilities are very good and they offer locker rooms and towels for a minimal amount. The place is also very clean and well maintained.

Marble Canyon

Beautiful Canyon
Beautiful Canyon

After the relaxing soak in Radium Hot Springs, we headed towards other destinations inside Kootenay national park.
There are very less options for food & gas beyond Radium and it’s advisable to stock up food and fuel tank before heading towards Banff.


The Marble Canyon hike is a simple trail that can be done by people of all ages. The Marble Canyon is located on the way to Kootenay National park and a recommended trail before you start your Banff trip. The trail has interpretive sign boards that talks about the canyon and the formation of the canyon in this area. You will see the falls towards the end of the hike that rushes through a very narrow gorge and flows down into the canyon.


Marble Canyon is one of the most colorful canyons in Kootenay National Park with its lush green trees and plants, limestone and glacial water that is a spectacular sight to watch.


The canyon views are nice to watch and provides you a nicer view of how the creek carved its way through the stone over several thousand years in a zig-zag shape.


General Information

  • Where to Stay in Radium – As mentioned below the place offers several choices. Depending on your budget you can find hotels anywhere from 100 $ to 200$ for a single night. We stayed in Rocky Mountain Springs lodge that was located at the top of the mountain. I did not expect a well maintained, a very clean room with beautiful interiors especially on top of a mountain. They offer free breakfast but it’s mostly egg & Hungarian waffles
  • Restaurants – You have Italian, Austrian, Mexican choices available in this area. We tried the La Cabina Ristorante at The Prestige Inn which was expensive but the quality of the food was good
  • Hot Springs Tickets – The entry to Radium Hot Springs costs $6.30 for adults and $5.40 for youth. For more information about other price options, Visit their site
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