Isla Mujeris – A Tropical Paradise !


Isla Mujeris is an island that is one of the popular destinations for people visiting Cancun. You can access the island via ferry ride and there are several private catamarans and jet boat tours available. On the way to Isla Mujeris, there are many activities offered by the tour companies which includes snorkeling, parasailing, Golf cart ride along with lunch buffet. The price varies based on the package that works for you. You can also choose to just ride on the boat without any packages that costs around 19.99 USD which is a large group tour.


The Isla Mujeris ferry ride is approximately 30 minute ride from Cancun and they take you across the clear turquoise water that’s a beautiful sight to watch.

Activities to do in Isla Mujeris

Snorkel At Isla Mujeris
Snorkel At Isla Mujeris

You can pretty much relax in this island even without doing any activities. Many of them come to this island to have a relaxing time on the beach and enjoy some great food at the restaurants. On our way to the island, we had a stop in the middle of the ocean for snorkeling. Many of the boats stop at this place and it’s kind of central place for many snorkelers to explore the Caribbean reef.

Golf Cart Ride on the Island
Golf Cart Ride on the Island

We rented the Golf cart to explore the island on our own. This is a very popular activity in Isla Mujeris where you can rent the cart for an hour or more. It’s a different experience to ride in this cart and drive through the scenic views and market streets.

There are plenty of shops and restaurants available in the Island. Restaurants on the island specialize in seafood, Mexican food, and Italian menu available as well. The coconut water is available in most of the restaurants and reminded me of India. With the soaring hot weather, this coconut water helps you to cool off those heat waves. As you are on an island in Mexican Caribbean you’ll definitely have a great experience dining in this place especially the seafood. I loved the grilled fish, shrimp & the non-alcohol tropical drinks. As we do not drink alcohol, I cannot share much information but we could see Tequila everywhere around us . Oh don’t forget the gelato shop..gelato shops are always crowded here and you would pretty much have it every day during your stay in Cancun.

Baby shark Interaction
Baby shark Interaction

Also in the island we had the experience interacting with the baby Sharks. They are safe to handle and very common attraction for visitors to hold a Shark or sea lion in this island.

You can definitely spend a day in this island and enjoy the things you like to do here. Nothing stops you from going adventurous to relaxing in Isla Mujeris. If you doing the trip with a group, I would also recommend playing beach volley ball here.

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