Hiking in Denali

Savage Trail Scenic Views - Inside Denali
Savage Trail Scenic Views – Inside Denali

A slow start today after a rough bus ride of 66 miles yesterday. Everyone had a good sleep and the morning started with plenty of breakfast options ranging from sandwich to south Indian food. A new breakfast idea sparkled this morning and made a scrambled left over Dosa with onion and chutney powder and we named it “Kothu Dosa” 🙂

Today is primarily a hiking day inside Denali. There are plenty of trails from easy to strenuous ones but we wanted to keep it to a moderate level for everyone in the family to participate.

The Savage River Loop Trail is an easy to moderate walk of 2.0 miles and takes like 1.5 hours roundtrip. The trail starts at a turnaround at Mile 15 of the Denali Park Road, with no elevation gain, negligible grade, on a wide surface of native soils with rocks and roots

The trail travels upstream a mile, crosses a wooden bridge, and returns on the opposite side. You can get a glimpse of the wildlife in this trail. On the way we got to see the Caribou & arctic squirrels along the rock and river beds. Few of us climbed up the slope to enjoy some of the beautiful Denali views.

The Mt.Vista Trail is the second hike that we did after our lunch. This is a very simple trail and you can actually go to the savage river loop trail from this trail. The highlight of all these trails is the scenic and stunning views as we walk down the loop.

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