Day 5 – Venice

It was a slow start today after the long walk last night. The breakfast at the hotel was pretty standard and good one too. Bread, Croissant, Cereal, Fruits, Juice and different flavors of Coffee were served.

We decided to do another walk today starting from Rialto Bridge to other museums. The hotel person suggested visiting the market place near Rialto. This place had both meat, vegetable and fruit market all at one place. Few photos taken at the Market place – Below is the one taken near the Pepper shop


We visited a future museum that had some very cool exhibits. Uros Island is one of the exhibits by Grimanesa Amoros from peru who lived on the coast of Peru and always loved the beauty of ocean. This island is inspired by the islands of lake Titcaca located southeast of Peru

They are floating islets made out of totora reeds – All of the houses to boats to watch towers are made out of this material. I’ve captured some photos in this museum about Uros island, a wending machine with one earth ball and a porcelain display.


We had the lunch at the same place (Hotel Neomi) as yesterday after liking the quality of the food. I had the usual pasta with pesto sauce along with Onion soup and Mani had a different dish ‘Noodles with Salmon’ today.

There are plenty of options to do shopping in Venice. Venice is known for masks and we came across many beautiful masks – All these masks can be seen in James Bond movies :-). There were many different collections of jewelry ranging from gold to antique ones. The antique ones were very cute, some were made of glass, metal.


The 2 day trip in Venice was awesome and memorable one. Just like Paris, we did a lot of walking in Venice as well roaming around every street corner eating, shopping and sight-seeing:-). I personally enjoyed the beauty of Venice and put you automatically into that pleasant mode and very good feeling.

Our next stop is in Rome and we are at the Venezia station to catch our next train to Roma Termini Station. The train is at 5.30 PM and we picked up few snacks, fruits before boarding the train.

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