Lands End Tours – Day 5

Los Cabos Arc View
Los Cabos Arc View

We booked the Lands’ End Adventure tour again with the Rancho Tours Company. The tour guide picked us sharp at 9 AM from the resort and the total drive time was around 45 mins. We drove to the Cabo San Lucas Medana Bay area and boarded a private boat arranged specifically for our group along with a captain who was our guide. The captain (Mr.Simone) was very friendly and was one of the best guides out of the people we met on our entire trip.

The Whale watching was the first part of our trip and I have never seen whales that close so far. We were able to see the whales that were only 20 foot from our boat. I had been to Whale watching tour in San Juan Islands, Washington and in Vancouver but was not lucky to see them closer. The Whales at the Cabos was so beautiful to watch and we could see them in pairs of three – What a delight to see them diving!!. The kids were equally excited much as the adults and lot of pictures & videos taken 🙂

Lovers Beach
Lovers Beach

After the whale watching we headed towards the lovers beach area to do the snorkeling. Gayathri, Karthik & I decided to stay on the boat while Mani & the kids got their swim suits along with the snorkel gear all worn & ready to get into the water. The captain accompanied Mani & the kids helping them to get comfortable in the water. Mani initially had discomfort with the surf board and was constantly going into the back float mode. Finally he got his rhythm and was in full swing snorkeling. As I did not snorkel this time, I came to know that they were able to see plenty of beautiful fishes but the coral reefs were not seen in the place we snorkeled. The water color was also very beautiful in its greenish blue color.


Mani & the kids snorkeled for 40 mins and we had our box lunches ready for eating. We ate in the boat and took many pictures in the Lovers beach area. The Natural rock formation with the beautiful arches were really so cool to watch. The Lovers beach itself is pretty small and you can spend around an hour and do other water activities.

Parasailing was the surprise activity in this trip that I never even thought about. One of our friends Deepa & Vivek tried this few days back and asked us not to miss this fun before they headed off to Seattle. Initially all 7 of us planned for this activity, unfortunately the credit card machine did not work and we did not have enough cash for everyone.Karthik & Gayathri decided to spend more time at the Lovers beach area and took the water taxi ride to the beach.


Mani, Arvind & I took the water taxi to board the parasailing boat. It was totally a different experience and I was really scared at the back of my mind on the outcome of it. We had the option to do single /double rider or do as a family. Mani wanted to do alone and was very specific about it in spite of me being scared:-). The reason for being scared is mainly to do with my asthma and I was worried if I’ll be able to breathe at a height of 300-400 feet. Recently I did the indoor flying experience with my team at IFly, Seattle and turned out to a bad experience as the air was blown so fast right onto my face that I could hardly breathe. The Parasailing guys along with Mani convinced me that it’s going to be at a very slow speed and I’ll be safe.

I took the risk because I wanted to enjoy the experience – before flying, I just took 2 puffs from my inhaler :-). Arvind & I decided to go together and kept myself really cool before departing. The moment I started to was so awesome and yes it was at a very balanced speed and I felt really comfortable breathing. It was totally SAFE !!!

When we landed the boat and it was Mani’s turn to Parasail – Arvind wanted to go one more time and joined with Mani. Both Dad & Son were literally having fun parasailing and they were taking plenty of photos from that elevation. We went to max of 450 feet from the ground level.

Overall it was a wonderful experience and I would encourage first time sailors to try this out as it will be so much of fun !!

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