ATV Adventures – Day 3

Arvind & Sooraj all set to ride the ATV
Arvind & Sooraj all set to ride the ATV

This was a special day of the decade – the most talked & hyped about the end of the world as per Mayan Calendar. I was indeed curious about this day mainly because we were in Mexico. I woke up in the morning and realized that I was still alive:-). The weather was awesome and enjoyed the breakfast seated outside the porch with the beauty of the sea.

Karthik & Sooraj during ATV break time

We decided to do the ATV Tour activity today. This was a two and half hour activity along with the tour guide. As Jay was very small for his age to the do the ATV, Gayathri decided to stay at the resort with Jay. Karthik & Sooraj joined our family for the ATV tour. The tour package includes a round trip transportation from the resort to the ATV place. We purchased the package inside the Solaris resort from the Costco travel Helpdesk. This is a convenient way of purchasing the activities as you can take some time to know the activities from the local person before buying it online

You might also get for a few dollars cheaper when compared to buying online.

The bus picked us from the resort around 1 PM and the travel time was around 1.5 hours from our Hotel Resort. They have options for single rider or double riders and these are cheaper than the buggy type of vehicles that can carry 4 people.

Cost Options:

Single Rider: 89$

Double Rider: 50 $ per person

Buggy Vehicle cost: 280$ and 45$ per person (460$ total)

We reached the Miringuay Bay where the ATV tour starts. We were split up into 2 groups and each group had a tour guide each. Mani & I went on one ATV and Karthik & Jay paired up in another ATV. Arvind had the comfort to travel with the tour guide and was indeed very happy & excited that he gets to go faster than others 🙂

Riding past the Miringuay bay
Riding past the Miringuay bay

We had done the sand dune ride at Florence, Oregon. The dune was so comfortable and very different from the ATV ride at Cabos. The drive was so rough and Mani was finding it hard to drive as well. We were able to follow the tour guide and others half way down the road but then we could not match up to their speed as our vehicle did not seem to cooperate. We had the ATV company people hanging around to check on the safety of the people and helped us on the way to get back to the group. The experience was really good and literally all of our body parts were well massaged by the rough path :-).

We took a 10 min stop over near a rocky mountain side and rested for few minutes. The second half of the drive was near the ocean side. I really liked this drive passing the beautiful sea waves and amazing views. We halted our ATV’s on the shore-side and started the photo session. It was sunset time and was really so pretty to watch those views. The waves were very rough banging the rocks and am seeing such big waves from the ones that I have seen in India. It reminded me of Pondicherry where I grew up (Union territory of India) that has beautiful beaches and now has lot of rocks placed on the shore as the water level was rising very high.

Miringuay Bay
Miringuay Bay

This was our first activity in Mexico and I really enjoyed the experience with the family. I’m writing this blog sitting outside the porch of my room at 9 PM with a great view of the ocean, moonlight and listening to the loud noise of the waves. The waves are so loud as if it’s going to hit the resort – am I hearing a Tsunami ? 🙂 — signing off for today…as tomorrow is a very early day to visit the 3 beautiful cities in Los Cabos. Will catch you all in my Day 4 section!!.

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