Blue Lagoon – Entry to Geothermal Pool Experience

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Blue Lagoon was our first stop in Iceland before heading to Reykjavik. The hot thermal pool of Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous attractions of Iceland that is visited by many tourists. Before our trip, I’ve read mixed reviews about the huge pricing and a much hyped attraction. Irrespective we really wanted to get the experience of a geothermal pool and we dont get to do this type of an activity often. So why not try it?. I must say that it was worth the experience and we loved it. Especially spending time in Blue Lagoon during winter is super awesome :-).


Blue Lagoon is man-made where the lava around the lagoon is natural formation and the water is the result of a nearby power plant. This is a geothermal spa with temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius and water is full of Silica, Algae and minerals. The water has the milky white color, reflection of the sun makes it look blue. We spent few hours soaking in the Blue Lagoon and due to winter, sunrise was only around 11 AM. After sunrise, the scenic views of the mountain is beautiful with a stark contrast between the black lava rocks and the light blue water. There are stations where you can get silica masks for your face, a bar for your drinks, smoothies and small caves where you can sit and relax. I must say Blue Lagoon has all the amenities of a luxurious spa with saunas, in-house cafe and restaurants, lockers, storage and shower facilities.


Where is Blue Lagoon located? – Things you need to know before your travel
The Blue Lagoon is ~50 minutes outside of Reykjavik city and 15 minutes from the Keflavik International airport. There are shuttle transfers available to the Lagoon from both locations. Most people visit Blue Lagoon either on their first day of arrival to Iceland or on the day of their departure before they head to airport. It totally depends on your flight arrival and departure times. Most of the flights coming from North America (Iceland Air or Wow Airlines) arrive very early in the morning ~5 or 6 AM in the morning. This allows good time to head directly to the Blue Lagoon and relax in the pool before you start rest of your trips in Reykjavik.

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Blue Lagoon Pricing – What are my options?
You can directly purchase tickets from blue lagoon website but there are many tour companies that offer combo packages. We decided to go with Reykjavik excursions (local tour company) primarily to combine transportation options. Since we traveled during winter, we did not rent a car and were looking for direct transportation from airport to Blue Lagoon and back to Reykjavik city.Blue Lagoon offers Comfort & Premium package – The comfort package should be good enough to spend your time at Blue Lagoon.

Here is the link from RE.IS that includes transportation and blue lagoon admission Airport – Blue Lagoon Comfort including admission


Luggage Storage
Once you arrive at the lagoon, there is a luggage drop off place where you can store your bags for 5 USD each. Then, you walk down the path with lava rocks piled on each side until you come to the lagoon entrance.This is definitely convenient when you come directly from airport or going back to the airport. There are small lockers that come as part of your comfort or premium packages where you leave your small purses/handbags in there.

Pathway to enter Blue Lagoon - Can you believe its 8.30 AM?.
Pathway to enter Blue Lagoon – Can you believe its 8.30 AM?.

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