Day 2 – Louvre Museum

Louvre Museum
Louvre Museum

Happy Indian Independence Day !!

The 2 day Paris Museum & Monument Pass was a very good option that lets you to see around 60 museums in Paris. Though you’ll not be able to visit all of them, you can definitely cover the major attractions.

The second day in Paris was dedicated to most of the prime museums in Paris. Our first visit was at the Louvre Museum, one of the world’s finest museums. The Museum was so huge and the architecture is very excellent. We went little early to the museum to avoid the lines and to our surprise the lines were very long just like the Palace of Versailles. But we were lucky in this museum where they allowed all with the museum pass onto a separate gate. There were 4 major attractions and u’ll need a complete day to see all of them

We spent close to 5 hours at this place visiting the Mona Lisa paintings, French and Italian paintings, roman & Egyptian sculptures and Napoleons III apartment.

Paris Day 2 090Paris Day 2 026

Notre Dame Cathedral Church

After the Louvre, we took the train to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral church. It was around 5 PM at the church and there was a big mass going on during that time. The Church is pretty close to the Seine River and very well beautifully architected. The crowd was rushing towards the church priest to get the entry tickets to enter the church.

Coffee Time

After a long walk at the Louvre & Notre Dame, we decided to relax and come back to the hotel for a fresh coffee. On the way back to the hotel, we picked up some fresh pastries and Croissant for refreshment with Coffee.

Paris Night Visit

In front of Arc De Triomph
In front of Arc De Triomph

After the refreshing coffee, we started our next night journey to the Arc De Triomphe

The Arc is similar to the Gateway of India in Bombay and another one in Pondicherry. We waited to climb the Arc until night time to view the entire Paris city. We took a night stroll across the area visiting shops and also a Lido Show. We were not prepared much to visit the Lido show, so did not make it this time. After our dinner at the McDonalds, our photo session started 🙂

Night View from the Arc
Night View from the Arc

At around 9 PM, we climbed the Arc by stairs and there was no elevator available. You can view the entire city 360 view all beautifully lit up with lights. The Eiffel tower glitters with multi-colored lights at a very specific time of the night and we were lucky to watch that from the Arc.
Night View of the city from Arc De Triomph
Night View of the city from Arc De Triomph

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