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Ape Caves


The name ‘Ape Caves’ sounds interesting and when you hear about a hike inside the cave, that definitely adds more curiosity inside your head – Isn’t it?.  I had the same feeling when i heard about Ape Caves. Ape Cave is located south of Mount St. Helens, measuring 2.5 miles long and one …

10 Day Trip Plan to Kenya & Tanzania


African Safari has been one of our bucket-list item for a very long time. It is a trip that will be memorable and will stay in our thoughts forever. So we did not want to compromise on the number of the days and places that we wanted to see. Some …

Welcome Song & Dance Entry

The Masaai People of Kenya

The Maasai are a tribe of people who live in parts of Kenya and Tanzania and Kenya. When you are on a Safari, you …

Wildebeest Kill - Lions and Cubs eating their meal

Mesmerizing Ngorongoro Crater

In this week’s featured movie, let’s explore Ngorongoro Crater that is one of the world’s heritage site in Central Tanzania. This is …

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